Offering paintings by the artists of the most diverse genres and styles, our gallery makes a journey through our website interesting and educational. If we want to choose a painting for our office, home or apartment, find the right gift for our friends or enrich our collection with a new masterpiece, we might need this sense of the beautiful hidden deep inside each of us. When we feel like having a lot in common with the state put into a painting by its artist, this artwork is the one we need and perhaps it is worth buying. Having bought and hung a painting on the wall, we change the interior making it more comfortable and giving pleasure to people looking at the artwork.

Paintings inspire us to open the new in the surrounding world. Each artwork being an inimitable echo of reality with its unique nature makes our interior interesting and fresh. Carrying a little part of its artist’s talent, each painting fills our lives with light, inspires us to the aspiration for the better, encourages us to live enjoying the beautiful, reminds us of our dreams, wakes up our imagination, evokes our memories about beautiful places and unforgettable landscapes and teaches us to see the harmony and feel the pulsation of life.

A real painting is an artwork that enlivens any interior rendering its special mood. Sometimes we may feel emptiness and depressing cold of the walls indoors. Knowingly bought and correctly placed paintings can help us to change the situation for the better giving comfortableness to the interior atmosphere, saving us from boredom and adding the harmony of beauty and perfection to our lives.

An author’s painting carries a vibration of life and a part of its artist’s soul. An original oil painting created on canvas by its artist’s skilful hand is the best decision for the interior to spend the most of our time in. Paintings mostly stir up positive emotions. At home they create conditions for a good rest, recreation and comfort. They are also very good for the majority of public places like offices, educational institutions, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Painting is a unique creative process. Buying or ordering a painting from its artist is an equally interesting and educational process. In addition, it is a good long-term investment of money. Many artists find the purpose of their creative work in painting and selling their artworks. An author’s painting carries the force of its artist’s thoughts, experience, creation throes, emotions and aspirations. It has its unique coloring and energetics. Being among paintings a lot of people feel delight, even if fine art does not lie within the range of their unfailing interests.

It is our sense perception, not the designer’s, friend’s or art critic’s taste that should be the main guideline for choosing a painting. First of all, a painting should be after our own heart, as we shall rather often see it in our interior. An imperfect painting may irritate us making us feel discomfort. In this case everything loses its significance: the painting value, its artist, art technique and the century of its creation. But if a painting evokes a positive response and in addition splendidly fits into the interior, we feel a lot of positive emotions and enjoy our good purchase.

Is a painting a luxury or a required element of decoration? What role does it play in our interior? Do we need it at all or is it a so-called aesthetic frill? After all, from a practical standpoint we can well do without a painting, but it is hard to imagine our interior without furniture, blinds or a clock – the items performing certain functions. What is a painting intended for? How can we explain that this unpractical interior element did not disappear in the course of dwelling evolution?

These actually are small details that give our homes lovely features. A painting in our interior enlivens the space, makes it spiritual and integral. Being the finishing stroke in the interior, a painting is a kind of the face of both our homes and people living there. That is why we should be careful while choosing it.

Being a single entity, our interior and paintings in it should harmonically match. Prior to buying a painting, it is better to consult its artist about our interior stylistics. The author’s professional experience can help us to make the best decision: to either buy a finished painting by the artist or order a painting to meet our wishes. Making orders via our online art gallery, one can get a painting directly from its artist.

To bring some happiness to people, we can make them a present touching their souls, giving them food for thoughts and contemplation, and raising positive emotions. A painting as a gift is one of few things able to win hearts. Having bought a painting for a gift at least once, we know for sure that it is a somewhat complicated but fascinating pastime to choose it. Buying a painting as a gift, we need to take into account not only the preferences and tastes of the person to receive the gift, but the peculiarities of the interior to place the painting in as well. Choosing a painting for a gift, we should always consider its genre.

How can we bring some happiness to our beloved women for instance on the Saint Valentine’s Day or the International Women’s Day? If we fix upon a painting, a flower painting is a wonderful gift. Charging us with freshness, flowers in the painting will undoubtedly remind people of the painting giver. A properly chosen beautiful painting is the gift to be always noticed. People will always warmly remember us, if we give them a painting as a New Year, wedding, birthday, anniversary or house-warming gift. For any festive occasion we can order and gift a portrait of the hero of the day, an original painting by a modern artist or a hand-made copy of a masterpiece by an old master. A painting as a gift to our manager or business partner testifies to our good taste.

Author’s paintings are traditionally sold at art shows, galleries, exhibitions, vernissages and auctions all over the world. Nowadays online galleries of paintings become more and more popular and it is not for nothing. We only need to enter a word combination like "buy a painting", "painting for a gift", "order a painting", "painting gallery", "oil painting" or "order a portrait" on a searching website to see the whole variety of offers. To sell paintings, one should have a specific professional knowledge of art, a subtle psychological approach and particular character traits for a successful communication with both painting buyers and artists. The combination of the abovementioned and many other personal qualifications helps us to stay one jump ahead and understand the needs of both the artists striving to sell their paintings and the art connoisseurs striving to make the best choice while buying paintings. For the owners of our Internet gallery the main thing is love of the work and desire for perfection in the field.

Both our customers and sellers receive a number of advantages buying and selling paintings via our Internet gallery. Painting artists and owners get a comfortable service to display their artworks for free and promote their names in the world of art. Painting buyers and art connoisseurs get a chance to quickly search for paintings in our catalogue including thousands of artworks saving their time and effort. Our website helps people not only to sell and buy paintings and other works of art but also to communicate, learn new information concentrated in one place, exchange their ideas on our art forum, post comments to articles and paintings, and participate in different contests.

While buying a painting, there is no place for overlong doubts. The painting that attracts our attention first and provokes our genuine interest is most likely to be the one we need. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to buy the painting which can inspire us being in harmony with our inner perceptions.

To find and buy a painting in our Internet gallery, you may use the advanced website search. To find a necessary painting, we use the words of the painting’s title, as well as the keywords describing its content. The more often a painting is requested via the site search, the more chances to sell it the artist has. For this reason, adding paintings to our website their owners try to choose the best possible keywords and word combinations describing the content of their artworks. Search principles are similar on all websites: in our search request we can use either one or several space-separated words and word combinations. There is no need to enter the whole word in the search field; sometimes it is enough to enter only several first letters of the word, its beginning. For example, to find a painting having "flowers" or "flowery" in its title or keywords, it is enough to enter "flower" in the search field. As a result, we increase the number of the paintings found, and consequently widen our choice.

Having found on the website the painting we like, it is necessary to check whether it is for sale. If it is possible to buy the artwork, we can see the "Buy the painting" link under it. Provided that the painting is not for sale but there is a possibility to order the author’s hand-made copy of it, we can find the "Order artist's copy" link below. Having followed the link, we should fill in the required fields of the painting order form (our contact details and order fulfillment requirements) and press the "Submit" button. After the transmission of our painting order to the artist, we receive the order status notification. After that we can contact the artist directly to discuss the painting purchase details.

Painting prices indicated on our Internet gallery website do not include delivery costs and other extra costs like the ones of insurance, export permission documents, packing and courier services. The delivery method, time and shipping cost are additionally discussed with the painting seller. We can also personally discuss with the artist the options of payment.

If it is stated "Framed" under the painting we like, it means that the painting is framed. In this case the framing cost is included into the painting price. If it is stated "Not framed" under the painting you are going to buy, you can either discuss the framing cost with the artist or make use of the services rendered by the nearest picture framing studio after the painting is delivered.

It is very important to know that most of the paintings for sale are at the artists’ or their representatives’ places. The city and country of residence are stated on the page of the artist’s biography. We should take it into account before buying a painting, as its delivery time and cost depend directly on the painting location. If we need a painting urgently by a required date, for example, for a gift, it is better to order or buy it from the artist living nearby. In such a way the painting purchase and delivery process can be much easier, cheaper and faster. Ordering a painting, a hand-made artist’s copy of a painting, creation of a painting from a photograph, a hand-made copy of a famous painting or a portrait, we should not forget that the painting creation takes some time. In any case, we should discuss the time with artists or their representatives.

In many cities of the world artworks are sold at local art galleries, art salons, exhibitions, vernissages or simply on the streets where artists sell their paintings by themselves. It is not unusual nowadays to sell paintings via Internet galleries. People who have bought a painting via Internet galleries at least once know that the original painting can differ a little from its photo for a number of technical and other reasons. A painting’s photo does not render all the fullness of perception of the real painting. Nevertheless, there are many unquestionable advantages of buying paintings via Internet galleries. First and foremost, no traditional gallery can display for exhibition and sale thousands of paintings. Our catalogue includes thousands of paintings by both beginning and professional artists from all over the world.

One more irrefutable advantage is that we save our time while searching for a necessary painting online. We also feel very comfortable getting opportunity to discuss the painting price and delivery terms directly with its artist. Our Internet gallery works the clock round making it possible to order paintings at any time from any corner of the world. Perhaps the main advantage is price, as buying a painting via the Internet gallery we do it at the painting owner’s price.

Our Internet gallery offers its customers a catalogue with a broad assortment of paintings: citiscape paintings, seascape paintings, genre scene paintings, nude paintings, still lifes, made-to-order portraits, famous painting copies and author’s paintings of diverse subject matters.

If we need a painting as a gift for an anniversary or another festive occasion, we can find it on this website. Our gallery offers paintings of diverse genres and styles, art schools and trends, covering different themes and subjects and performed in different techniques by artists from the whole world.

An unquestionable advantage of our Internet gallery is the possibility to order a painting from a photo. It gives free play to your personal creativity. The artist’s attention to our wishes for the subject, creation time limit and ordering cost is fundamental to the creation of such a painting.

Modern artworks decorate our interior and create the feeling of comfort. Our website helps people striving to decorate their home, apartment or office, to make their children’s room interesting or to find a wonderful gift in the form of a painting for their close ones.

In this gallery it is possible to order hand-made copies of famous paintings by great artists of the past. Our orders are performed by professional copyists. In addition, we can order a painting from our photo. It can be a cityscape of our favorite street, a portrait, a nice landscape of a quiet corner of nature or a painting on any other theme.

An admitted fact is that a painting value depends directly on its artist’s professional skills and fame. It has its pros and cons. There is no doubt that a painting by a famous artist being a source of inspiration attracts attention of those around us and brings into focus our status, not to mention that it is a profitable investment, as paintings by well-known artists rise in value over time. Being short of funds, we can also make a profitable investment buying a painting by a promising beginning artist. At that, we can get a free consultation on the issue from the gallery. It is an open secret that author’s paintings are always highly priced. The paintings correctly chosen in our Internet gallery become more expensive in the course of time.

To evaluate artists on their merits, we can check their personal ratings in the gallery. The higher the rating, the more proficient the artist is, the better the paintings are assessed by viewers, the more often the exhibition is refilled on the website and the higher the demand and personal liability are. A high rating is a sign of a great appreciation of the artist’s paintings by colleagues, art critics and connoisseurs. It also shows that the artist’s paintings are regularly sold. All the abovementioned undoubtedly proves that the artist’s paintings will rise in price over time. A high rating is also a sign of the artist’s social responsibility and self-discipline. Buying a painting from an artist with a high rating, we can be sure that the artist is in good standing with the gallery, sells the paintings with all responsibility and quickly, creates hand-made copies of high quality and on time. Our purchases of paintings increase ratings of their artists on the website.

The final cost of a painting is determined differently in each gallery. It frequently depends directly on the artist’s fame, the painting complexity and exclusiveness and sometimes on its dimensions and year of creation. Buying a painting in a usual art gallery, we can be sure that its final cost includes additional charges on the hall rent, the salary of art critics, exhibition arrangements and advertizing campaigns, as well as on the production of print media materials. In this Internet gallery they are the artists who set prices for their paintings, so it is more likely that we shall pay less for them.

Our art gallery strives to support all artists who place their paintings on our website providing them with the technical feasibility to exhibit and sell their paintings via our Internet gallery. Our website offers its customers the following services and options to comfortably and quickly search, view and buy paintings:

- catalogue in which paintings are divided into different categories according to their genre, style and content;

- modern design and comfortable website navigation making it easy and clear to use the website and view the expositions presented;

- advanced search system allowing us to find paintings and other artworks using keywords, word combinations and other parameters;

- ratings of artists demonstrating their popularity and social responsibility, as well as the assessment of their creative work by the website visitors and customers;

- online shopping allowing us to buy paintings online at any time of day or night;

- opportunity to contact the gallery administration and customer support service in the real-time mode.

Our Internet gallery offers its customers a great number of paintings ready for sale, as well as graphic works, water-colors, embroideries, batik paintings, sculptures, icons, mosaic works, stylish glassware, glass paintings, author’s dolls, exclusive handicrafts and items of applied and decorative art. In our virtual gallery one can order painting hand-made copies and individual or family portraits. It is also possible to buy from collectors their collections of paintings by Russian, Soviet and foreign old masters.

The website concept goes well beyond enabling artists of some particular countries to create their personal expositions or paying attention to some particular trends in art generally and in painting particularly. The primary objective of our gallery is to offer our visitors maximum possible and qualitative information on the present-day world of visual art. A crucial criterion of selecting paintings for display on the website is the presence in the exposition of paintings by both prominent professional artists and promising beginning ones.

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