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Artist Arthur Brahinskiy

Artist Arthur Brahinsckiy

We are pleased to present the artist whose works require very profound analysis. Without any doubt his pieces of art belong to the new way of thinking in painting. We can easily observe how various his pictures are.

The first trend he's practicing is the landscape that resembles very much the pictures of the old masters. Two elements are intermingled there: mystical appeal of these works and clearly expressed aspiration to perform in the way proposed by ancient schools and masters. Only the greatest artists of the ancient times could keep this natural balance of power. Looking at these vivid colors, presented forms and clear lines of the masterpieces created in the happiest times we feel the spirit of the Renaissance settling in our minds. A few hundred copies beginning from Bragel, Claude Lorraine and the Dutch Masters and finishing with the Barbison Art School had great influence on this artist. Actually, the very fact of doing such an amount of work gives him the possibility to approach closely the world tradition. Museums present the school of art that have been successfully tried and tested for centuries. The highest level of the artistic culture if properly perceived cannot be exorbitant or disputable acquisition for an artist. You can hardly find the artistic trend executed by man where learning of the great examples of the past may be treated as an obstacle to the creator.

Nowadays the modern art exists in the state of chaos and the constant quest for something new that cannot be perceived. All the trends of the modernism that seem to have achieved the perfection in reality are in crisis now. The mankind has the dangerous enemy - its intellect. In fact, masters of the modern trends use the people’s experience that is not always moral. The complacency of our century, its hypocrisy and confidence in the fact that everything good, real and noble belongs to its possessions, in reality presents the achievements of the human intellect. Everything that the people’s intellect considers to be sensible and true in the metaphysical aspect is just a regular dogma.

Today we observe the corruption of our cultural canon laws. The general features of this collapse are characteristic for the present time and it has found an expression in the art. In every trend of the modern art we evidently see the disintegration of the collapsed form. In the works of art belonging to the past times the world was presented as real and true. Now it is painted as a total illusion. If the source of self-expression depends on the intensity of feeling, then how the modern man living in a chaotic world can do anything but create a form for this chaos.

Now we are approaching the main point. The second trend of this artist is retro-future, i.e. expressed information about so-called “thin” energies. In this aspect the comprehension of the theosophy is clearly seen and here we are able to observe the dynamic projection of the energy fixed in time and space. The human consciousness and its work are extremely important in this trend and they may be considered as the obligatory elements. One must possess the greatest potential of knowledge, which due to the consistent mind-work may express itself in an attractive form.

At present time the modern mankind is completely ignorant of the existing thin energies, but we should know that psycho energy could be constructive and destructive. Therefore, acquiring the works of Arthur Brahinsckiy people should have the elementary knowledge about various effects of these powers. The majority of the contemporary works of art are based on the destructive element. However, this artist thinks that the painting and the art of the future should be looked upon in the aspect of balance and harmony.