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The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience will travel to Barcelona and Seoul

On 14 March, the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience opens in the cultural heart of Barcelona (Port Vell). Based on the knowledge and expertise of the Van Gogh Museum, this travelling 3D experience invites visitors to journey through the fascinating life of Vincent van Gogh. The Experience explores the story of the man behind the world-famous painter and the motives of his artistry: to offer hope and to express his emotions, in all their cruelty and mystery, but also in their beauty.

Adriaan Dönszelmann, Managing Director of the Van Gogh Museum: 'With this new location for Meet Vincent van Gogh, we support our mission to make the life and work of Van Gogh and his contemporaries, and the art of his time, accessible to millions of people all around the world. The Experience previously won the prestigious TEA Award for entertainment, offering confirmation that it contributes to this mission. Such a concept makes it possible for the Van Gogh Museum to offer a Van Gogh Experience simultaneously in multiple places. Vincent van Gogh is hugely popular in Southern Europe. We are therefore pleased that the new location is in Port Vell, Barcelona's old harbour, allowing us to bring something unique to this popular Spanish city, for both its visitors and its residents. We have two sets of the Experience and are proud to already announce that the second set will also be on show this Spring. Just now the word is out that this set will travel to Seoul, Korea for all Asian Van Gogh fans to see'.