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New artists

Fedorova Juliya. 'Ballerina'
Fedorova Juliya

Schesnyak Viktor. 'Spring in Opolznevoe'
Schesnyak Viktor

Artyushkin Yuriy. 'Three-year Old World'
Artyushkin Yuriy
Kuznetsov Anton. 'Colors'
Kuznetsov Anton

Dorofeev Sergey Vladimirovich. 'Spring Morning'
Dorofeev Sergey

Lesnov Sergey Olegovich. 'Still Life with Peaches, Apricots, Grapes and Hazelnuts'
Lesnov Sergey
Gaponov Sergey Vitalyevich. 'Anna'
Gaponov Sergey

Chistikina Maria. 'Melody'
Chistikina Maria

Busygin Valeriy. 'Morning'
Busygin Valeriy
Zackalskiy Alexander. 'Two'
Zackalskiy Alexander

Yurko Victoria. 'Spring in Suzdal'
Yurko Victoria

Ermolenko Alexander. 'On the Issyk River'
Ermolenko Alexander
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New artworks

Galstyan Samvel. 'Eve'

Budanov Valeriy. 'Seagull'

Susarenko Maria Valeryevna. 'London'
Gerasimova Natalya. 'July'

Chegrinov Alexander Alexandrovich. 'Night City'
'Night City'

Stroynov Vitaliy. 'Towards Water!'
'Towards Water!'
Solovyev Aleksey Sergeevich. 'Sunset on the Liman'
'Sunset on the Liman'

Sivenkov Nikolay Sergeevich. 'Regatta in the Gloomy Day'
'Regatta in the Gloomy Day'

Makovoy Valeriy.'Night Rendezvous in Dublin'
Krainev Sergey. 'Researchers of the Lunar Cavern'
'Researchers of the Lunar Cavern'

Troshin Nikolay. 'Autumn Approached'
'Autumn Approached'

Barsukov Alexey Vladislavovich. 'Forest Flowers'
'Forest Flowers'
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