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New artists

Burmakin Yevgeniy. 'Dawn'
Burmakin Yevgeniy

Radzievskaya Valeriya. 'Fire in the Sky'
Radzievskaya Valeriya

Kovaleva Lyubov. 'Baron Samedi'
Kovaleva Lyubov
Lukyanov Ivan. 'Lemur'
Lukyanov Ivan

Zhilyaev Roman. 'Voronezh, the Novomoskovskaya Street'
Zhilyaev Roman

Kostsova Irina. 'Summer Day'
Kostsova Irina
Golub Maksim. 'Giant'
Golub Maksim

Senko-Dmitrieva Marina. 'Still Life with Tulips'
Senko-Dmitrieva Marina

Tretyakov Artem. 'Drops'
Tretyakov Artem
Dementyeva Anna. 'Self-portrait'
Dementyeva Anna

Zhaldak Eduard. 'Provence'
Zhaldak Eduard

Bulgakov Valeriy. 'In the Fields'
Bulgakov Valeriy
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New artworks

Merzlikina Katerina. 'Meeting'

Zorina Elena. 'Expanses of the Teletskoye Lake'
'Expanses of the Teletskoye Lake'

Lutsenko Sergey. 'Forest Lake'
'Forest Lake'
Arkhipova Olga. 'Road to the Temple'
'Road to the Temple'

Gorbachenko Evgeniy. 'Rain on the Andreevskiy Descent'
'Rain on the Andreevskiy Descent'

Sergeev Sergey. 'Dreamer's Still Life'
'Dreamer's Still Life'
Volosov Vladimir. 'The Lomonosov Bridge'
'The Lomonosov Bridge'

Valevskaya Olga. 'Mood'

Makovoy Valeriy.'Night Rendezvous in Dublin'
'Night Rendezvous in Dublin'
Kolesnikov Sergey. 'Subjugation'

Vorontsova Tatyana. 'Ginger Glance'
'Ginger Glance'

Loginova Svetlana. 'Blossoming Heart'
'Blossoming Heart'
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Ivan Shishkin - 'Rain in the Pine Forest'

Title of the competition: 'Romanticism of Rain'

Time frame: July 20, 2016 - November 1, 2016.

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