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New artists

Litvinenko Gennadiy. 'Horses Running to Watering'
Litvinenko Gennadiy

Anoshina Juliana. 'Impersonation'
Anoshina Juliana

Boychenko Pavel. 'Sewing'
Boychenko Pavel
Dementyev Dmitriy. 'Pears and Two Pomegranates'
Dementyev Dmitriy

Strelchenko Natalya. 'Sakura'
Strelchenko Natalya

Strelchenko Polina Vladimirovna. 'Heat. Elephant'
Strelchenko Polina
Merzlikina Katerina. 'Desire'
Merzlikina Katerina

Medvedev Nikolay. 'Blossoming Coast of the Lake'
Medvedev Nikolay

Berdyshev Igor. 'Reflections'
Berdyshev Igor
Efremov Sergey. 'High Noon'
Efremov Sergey

Zakharchuk-Dementyeva Larisa. 'Above All'
Zakharchuk-Dementyeva Larisa

Barinov Alexey. 'Kai and Gerda on the Roof'
Barinov Alexey
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New artworks

Loginova Svetlana. 'Keeper of Pumpkin'
'Keeper of Pumpkin'

Belova Victoria. 'Five Minutes to 12'
'Five Minutes to 12'

Bogdanov Andrey. 'Moscow. The Irininskiy Lane'
'Moscow. The Irininskiy Lane'
Fazal Elen. 'Dita'

Dzhgernaya Marina. 'Impression. After the Rain'
'Impression. After the Rain'

Lee Moesey. 'Girl with Daisies'
'Girl with Daisies'
Valevskaya Olga. 'Vase with Flowers'
'Vase with Flowers'

Mishura Vladimir. 'Green Etude'
'Green Etude'

Stroynov Vitaliy.'Path of Sun'
Gerasimova Natalya. 'Summer'

Iksanova Natalya. 'Sweet Nectar'
'Sweet Nectar'

Peshkova Oksana. 'Birch Path'
'Birch Path'
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Ivan Shishkin - 'Rain in the Pine Forest'

Title of the competition: 'Romanticism of Rain'

Time frame: July 20, 2016 - November 1, 2016.

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