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Advertising on this Site

You can order the following types of paid advertising on this site:

1. Advertising of artists and their artworks on the home page of the site, in the top position of different sections of the art catalog and the site search results in accordance with the Rules of Ordering Advertisement on the Web Site.

Paid advertising allows to be at the top of the list despite the rating and other parameters:

Paid advertisingPaid advertisingPaid advertising

You can order this type of advertising in the Advertising Campaign section.

2. Writing articles about the creative work of artists by the professional art critics.

3. Publishing of articles about the creative work of artists and announcements of various art events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.).

4. Evaluation determined from the photographs of artworks and other consulting services by professional art critics.

5. Newsletters for clients and visitors.

6. Contextual and banner advertising of goods and services.

We provide the effective personal approach to customer needs and pricing.

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