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Arefyev Vasiliy

Artist Arefyev Vasiliy
City: Saratov, Russia
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Total: 6
Painting: 5
Graphic Arts: 1
Registration: 26 October 2017
Total: 45,05
Painting: 42,14
Graphic Arts: 2,91
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Vasiliy Arefyev was born in 1959. Ability to draw and paint appeared in school. In 1984 he entered the studio of fine arts in the city of Saratov and under the guidance of experienced teachers began to master the craft of the artist.

Mentors were also high-class artists professionals who attended the studio. Vasiliy participated in numerous exhibitions. He is the laureate of the all-union competition of the folk art in 1986 in Moscow.

Then there was a period of pause in creativity, after which many works were created with renewed vigor. The desire for diversity in genres and techniques was reflected in his works. The basis of creativity is realistic painting and drawing. Especially good at him are portraits, cartoons but also successful experiments in the genre of surrealism, symbolism. In 2016, on 2 November, a personal exhibition took place in the city of Saratov.