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Kanunnikov Gennadiy Nikolaevich

Artist Kanunnikov Gennadiy Nikolaevich
City: Omsk, Russia
Web-address: kanunnikov.paintingsgallery.pro
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Total: 14
Painting: 14
Registration: 23 January 2018
Total: 101,66
Painting: 101,66
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Studied at the Rostov Art College of M.B. Grekov at the picturesque and pedagogical department.

He is a regular participant of city, regional, zonal, regional, republican exhibitions.

Creative cottages: the Academic (1980, spring, by F.S. Torkhov; autumn, by V.A. Sergin; 1987, by O.V. Tolstoy)

Creative trips: the international open-air, Przemysl, Poland (1997); Baikal; the Omsk region.

Works in the genres of landscape and still life.

Works are in the city museum "Omsk Art", in the Museum of M.I. Vrubel, in the Liberov-center, in private collections in Canada, Germany, Israel, America, Poland.