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Kiss Karola

Artist Kiss Karola
City: Debrecen, Hungary
Web-address: kisskarola.paintingsgallery.pro
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Karola Kiss (T. Kiss K)
Hajdú-Bihar county regional outstanding award-winning artist.
She was born in 1972 Fehérgyarmat, a city encircled by the Szamos and Tisza rivers. She grew up in Tunyogmatolcs which is why she considers this her home town. This is where the „Tunyogi” Kiss Karola comes from in the signature on her paintings T. Kiss K. Continued her studies is Debrecen.
Even in her childhood her talent stood out, which numerous well-known artists later noticed in her works and tried extensively to bring to the surface. In the company of these artists she privately developed many skills of the arts.
In earlier stages of her life she took part in multiple competitions with outstanding results.
For multiple years she has been a member of the Medgyessy Ferenc Artists Club in Debrecen as well as the Free Forming and Industrial Arts National Association.
She had her first independent exhibition in Debrecen at age 15. Many other exhibitions followed.
She considers painting her profession but has also worked in the fields of graphic arts and industrial design. Her musical, literary and poetic abilities are also displayed in her presentations and works. Her book illustrations and decorative work are also worth mentioning. In 2007 as recognition for her creative work she received the regional outstanding award in the Hajdú-Bihar county.
Today she lives and creates in Debrecen. Every summer she gathers with other artists to enrich her talents, gain experience and especially to fulfill her passion for creating.