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Lysak Gennadiy

Artist Lysak Gennadiy
City: Moscow, Russia
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Total: 149
Painting: 149
Registration: 15 November 2012
Total: 1 758,45
Painting: 1 758,45
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Member of the Creative union of Artists of Russia and International Federation of Artists.

Gennadiy Lyssack participated in more than 100 exhibitions in Russia and abroad, half of them are solo exhibitions.

The artist works in genres of landscape, still life, abstractionism, mystical-religious symbolism. During the years of work Gennadiy Lyssack found his own style and created the unique cycle of pictures 'Great waterfalls of the planet', including 15 stories. The waterfalls of Gennadiy Lyssack seem to belong to a separate genre in its own right.

The pictures of the talented artist are kept in private collections in Hungary, the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, China and other countries.


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