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Morozova Tatyana Igorevna

Artist Morozova Tatyana Igorevna
City: Zelenograd, Russia
Web-address: timoroz.paintingsgallery.pro
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Total: 48
Painting: 30
Graphic Arts: 17
Order Portrait: 1
Registration: 21 November 2016
Total: 742,32
Painting: 400,18
Graphic Arts: 336,46
Order Portrait: 5,68
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My name is Tatiana Morozova.

I have graduated from the art school № 9 in Zelenograd.

Then I entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, but continued to draw independently.

Since then, the work gradually began to move away from Realism to Impressionism and further towards Surrealism (mainly in astrophysical concepts).

Now I am PhD student at MIPT and also work at the Space Research Institute. I live in Zelenograd.

I have participated in the exhibition "Boulevard of Arts" dedicated to the Day of Moscow in 2013, in exhibitions in Dolgoprudny from 2013 to 2016, in the Dolgoprudny History and Art Museum in December 2015.

Also, I made the animation for a documentary film about the Space Research Institute in 2015.