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Psachos Charis

Artist Psachos Charis
City: Athens, Greece
Web-address: charis.paintingsgallery.pro
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Total: 39
Painting: 37
Sculpture: 2
Registration: 07 November 2014
Total: 443,90
Painting: 422,02
Sculpture: 21,88
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Painting adventure starts in 2007...

Studding seemingly dissimilar things, I collect the puzzles of my existence.

Passionately looking to connect in harmony (the) different coloralities.

Color drinks me, I don’t drink it.  

(But this is pure passion,) 

I am ColorHolic ….  

Our existence is a musical instrument and somebody plays on our feelings.  Better instrument, means deeper sounds, sounds all over the spectrum, from depression to happiness…  We cannot avoid the true sounds of life, lough and cry, positive and negative, yin and yang… Let’s dive beyond the sea of fears and be liberated…

Thank You...