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Rozhansky Anatoliy Ivanovich

Artist Rozhansky Anatoliy Ivanovich
City: Essen, Germany
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Registration: 12 July 2015
Total: 57,58
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Anatoliy Rozhansky was born in 1951. He studied art at the school of art and at the Lvov Polygraphist Academy. He was a participant of many exhibitions in Ukraine, Germany, Russia and Israel. Since 2001 Anatoliy lives and works in Germany.

Abstract art and symbolism are the main creative ethnics of the artist. Later polistilism appeared as the dominating creativity based on a synthesis of classical traditions and a postmodernism of the artist. Many pictures are in private collections in several countries.

‘Anatoliy says: "We live in a world of material things. These things do have certain meanings which cause feelings and emotions. Realistically painted motives which are combined with abstract elements make up a new direction in art."