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Rumyantsev Vadim

Artist Rumyantsev Vadim
City: Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Web-address: vadimrumiantsev.paintingsgallery.pro
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Total: 52
Painting: 45
Graphic Arts: 2
Mosaic: 1
Art Glass: 1
Hand-made Copies of Paintings: 1
Wall Painting: 2
Registration: 19 January 2016
Total: 630,16
Painting: 540,40
Graphic Arts: 22,37
Mosaic: 20,58
Art Glass: 16,43
Hand-made Copies of Paintings: 12,65
Wall Painting: 17,73
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Vadim Rumiantsev was born in 1978 in Leningrad. His father and grandfather were very much appreciated art and were amateur artists themselves. Grandfather’s sketch-book, executed in 30-ies of the XX century, is still preserved in the family with reverence.
Vadim graduated from the St. Petersburg artistic and industrial A.L. Stieglitz’s Academy on specialty «Monumental-decorative painting». The theme of the artist's diploma design was the ancient Karelian folk epic «Kalevala». The author developed the design of the Museum dedicated to the epic’s cultural popularization in the hemispherical building. He designed it's window openings with stained glass panels representing  scenes from the runes.
At present time Vadim Rumyantsev works in the techniques of stained glass, mosaics and mural art in interiors and facades of buildings. But the main direction of his work he considers paintings.

«The main idea of my creative work I believe the aspiration for mental transformation of the human nature, resulting from associated participation of the artist and the viewer in continuous cosmic process, in which humans and nature come to their destination.»


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