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Susarenko Maria Valeryevna

Artist Susarenko Maria Valeryevna
City: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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Total: 23
Painting: 6
Graphic Arts: 17
Registration: 13 May 2015
Total: 303,68
Painting: 69,30
Graphic Arts: 234,38
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Maria was born in Kostanai city, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 5 years old Maria attended at the art school, took part in different art competitions, her paintings were sent to Paris, Prague. She passed through special graphic design courses in the St.Martin's College in London. Maria studied graphics and painting in the studios of L.Bashkhov and I.Vasilyev. Maria is a student of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry of Stieglitz. Her creative art is distinguished by bright colors, expression, art individuality.

Maria became a member of the Union of Artists of Saint-Petersburg.