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Yakovlev Evgeniy

Artist Yakovlev Evgeniy
City: Vladivostok, Russia
Web-address: yakovlev.paintingsgallery.pro
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Total: 180
Painting: 180
Registration: 29 March 2017
Total: 2 547,12
Painting: 2 547,12
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He was born in 1974 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In 1998 graduated from the Far Eastern State Technical University. Architect, artist.
Since 2018 - a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

Collective exhibitions:

- 2017, "Dialogue", Hamburg, Germany;
- 2017, "City and Man", Moscow;
- 2017, "Theatrical", Vladivostok;
- 2017, "Christmas", Vladivostok;
- 2018, "Artexpo Spring Rome 2018", Rome, Italy;
- 2018, "City and Man", Latakia, Cyprus;
- 2018, "The Art of Today: Grace and Sins", Moscow;
- 2018, "Vladivostok-158", Vladivostok;
- 2018, "The Far East - 12", Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky;
- 2018, "The 80th Anniversary of the PKO VTOO SHR", Vladivostok;
- 2018, "Christmas", Vladivostok;
- 2019, "Artists NAVY", Vladivostok.

Trade fairs:

- 2019, The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA.


- 2018, "Modern Avant-garde", Moscow, the 1st and the 2nd awards (nomination "Conceptualism");
- 2018, "Russian Week of Arts", Moscow, the 1st and the 3d place ("Contemporary Art: Conceptualism");
- 2018, "Russian Art Award", Moscow, laureate of the III degree (nomination "Russian Prize in the Field of the Avant-garde Painting");
- 2018, "Art Week in Italy", Rome, the 3rd place (nomination "Architecture: Urban Landscape and Architectural Lines");
- 2018,  "Art Week in Cyprus", Nicosia, Cyprus, the 2nd place (nomination "Abstract Painting");
- 2018, "The 2018 American Art Awards", the 2nd place (nomination "Naive Art - Human Figure"), the 3d, the 4th, the 6th places (nomination "Naive Art - Other").

Personal exhibitions:

- 2017, "The Beginning", St.Petersburg;
- 2017, "Step Towards", Vladivostok;
- 2018, "Live in Color", Moscow.


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