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Zakharov-Kholmskiy Veniamin

Artist Zakharov-Kholmskiy Veniamin
City: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Web-address: ksenven.paintingsgallery.pro
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Registration: 27 February 2018
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Graduated from the college of art in St.Petersburg (1948-1951), and from the Academy of arts in St.Petersburg (1957-1962). Took part in countless number of art exhibitions in Russia including the Venice Biennale (1986), the international festival "The Other Reality" in Magnitogorst, Russia, 2005. Works are kept in the Russian, Canadian, French, the USA private collections and private collections of and in the Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novigorod Severskiy museums and Kazakhstan Museums.

Was born in 1930, Russia. Was interested in art from the childhood and was admired by the beauty of the world! The artist interprets the paintings of the first vanguard Russian artists to be of monumental form, composite colour and clear line. The art is the kind of artist's form interpretation. The artist attempts to reach a high level of the simplicity and clarity escaping narration in the painting, naturalizing. He limits himself to two main colors, which he uses to symbolize realization of the creative action!