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Who was Leonardo da Vinci’s muse?
It is interesting to figure out who was Leonardo da Vinci’s muse?
This is a really interesting question.

I haven’t read all his notebooks but it seems, he didn’t write about people much. In my estimation, it seems he had dysfunctional relationships with his pupils. They don’t seem to be that deep and I don’t think he trusted them. He may have kept them around out of loneliness.

The one person who seems to haunt him, consciously or subconsciously was his mother.

It may say a lot about The Mona Lisa / Lisa Gherardini, she seemed to really move him. It may be that she was like his mother who he was very found of and separated early. It had a profound affect on him and I believe Sigmund Freud wrote about it.

Soldi = Boytoy, he was a thief and pretty boy. I don't see how someone who only simulates physically can be truly your muse.
The Renaissance artist, Leonardo Da Vinci, the genius-virtuoso of his time, was influenced and motivated by science and religion, and the essence of this could be obviously seen in most of his works.


According to some historians, the mysterious model of this painting was Leonardo's assistant with whom he had an affair, a person named Salai (below) who was said to be his muse. (See the similarity of the picture above and below).


Leonardo's study of anatomy helped his accurate depictions of human figure, and harnessed the beauty of it. An example of these are the famous Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda) and Lady with Ermine (or Cecillia Gallerani); historians believe the above mention names were also his muses.

In my opinion, Leonardo Da Vinci's muses were not clearly explained because there was no direct and concrete evidence to support such idea and some were only theories or conjectures.

I would say science, religion, and necessities are muses to Leonardo.

There has been lots of speculation about muses for Leonardo Da Vinci, but identifying each and every one of them are, to this day, still a mystery.
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It’s not what but who was Leonardo’s Muse and the answer is Gian Giacomo Caprotti, a boy known as “Salai” who entered Leonardo’s service at age 10, moving in with the 38 year old artist when Salai turned 15. Leonardo referred to him through their time together as his “pupil.” Leonardo was not ashamed of being gay, unlike many of his contemporaries.
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